Tuesday, April 01, 2008



"Peter Hacker, in Appearance and Realty, says of truth that it generally has the dignity, but not the charm. We are much more seduced by the illusions of philosophy than by the humble truths is able to discover and communicate. That is, it seems, true not only in case of philosophy, but quite generally. It could be said also of truth tha it usually has the respect and the praises, but not the favour and the honours. It is not by truth that we are the most spontaneously attracted and captivated, and it is not truth that is most beloved and bilieved. With falsity, the exact opposite seems to be the case. It has in principle the disgrace, but that does apparently not prevent it from having, neverthless, most of time the success and power".
The complicated and painful problem one has to face here is that for being perceived and acknowledge as true it is by no means necessary to be such, and the fact of being true may even ,on that point, constitute a serious drwback: the best way to be accepted as true is not necessarily the one consisting in being, in effect true. It is a thing that, for Nietzche, tends to become more striking in times like the one we are now living in, which is the time of masses and theater. Musil quotes a passage of Der Fall Wagner , where it is said that:(...) In cultures of decline, (...) in all situations in which the decision falls into the hands of the masse, authenticity becomes superfluous, disadvantageous, retrograde. Only the actor can still raise the great enthousiasm. In consequence, the heyday is coming for the actor."

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