Thursday, March 30, 2023


T - I was the greatest president ever and I was robbed of the last election.

R - Hello Donald! A few days ago you said that once you win the 2024 presidential election, you will end the war overnight. How can you achieve this goal?? 

T - I have the greatest military mind in the history of the world. I could win the war overnight, in fact, if it was up to me we could have won the war back in March without any military intervention whatsoever. In fact I would personally go to the front lines and lead the troops myself except I’m told there is some sort of secret rule that current presidents cannot hold military positions. 

My great negotiation skills will end the war in a matter of days!!! I have made great deals in the past that have made me and my family very rich. My negotiation skills are the greatest and I have never been wrong about something before. My supporters believe that I won the 2020 election and those are the same smart people I have on my negotiating team.

Hi. I can do it by using all the classified information I have as President that the current administration obviously doesn’t have. I know all about Russia and Ukraine and how to end the conflict immediately. My first move would be to go to Russia and talk to Putin. The media and the left are lying about the situation. I have my information from a really reliable source that knows what she’s talking about believe me.

 R - I’m quite sure that you can’t hold military positions going to the front lines but presume you have strong powers. What would be your first step to end the war?

T - My first step would be to tell NATO to stand down.

Then I would fly to Moscow and meet with Putin.

Then I would sit down and I would say “Vladimir…”

And this part is important folks

“It’s time to stop”

R - Good step! Then what do you would agree with Putin?

T - Well the fact of the matter is that Vladimir Putin and I are on very good terms and I know he respects me very much. That’s a fact.

So when I say it’s time to stop he’ll listen. It’s as simple as that.

R - That’s good news. Which will be the main terms of an agreement between you and Putin to end the war overnight?

T - Well I would say that he has to leave the Ukraine immediately. And I mean immediately! Then I would say it’s time for reparations. And believe me folks, I would get reparations like you wouldn’t believe!

R - Fantastic! So, if I understand you correctly Putin will do whatever you tell him to do without demanding anything in return.

Exactly! That is what it means to be an expert negotiator!

R - Including a commitment to immediate disarmament of nuclear ...

T - Absolutely! There will be a strict inspection process that I will personally oversee

R - I don’t believe this. I would like to believe but I don’t, unless there is a secret deal between you and Putin involving personal interests,

T - No secret deals, believe me. Just a lot of mutual respect. You have never seen two leaders who respect each other more than me and Putin.

R - You said that your first step would be to telll NATO to stand down. This would mean giving Putin total dominion over Europe, which lacks the nuclear power to oppose Russia.

T - NATO is weak and pathetic. They wouldn’t do anything about it anyway. Besides the EU would probably be better off with Putin in charge anyway.

R - This clearly confirms that there is a secret agreement between you and Mr. Putin: You give Putin dominion over Eurasia, from Roca Cape, its westernmost point, to Vladivostok, its eastern tip, a territory about six times the size of the United States. Mr. Putin will be the emperor of Eurasia. And you, what would be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? What did Mr. Will Putin give you in exchange for your offer?

T - This is complete nonsense! I would never make a secret deal like this and I find it offensive that you would even suggest such a thing. You have no right!

Also, if I even did make such a deal, it would be the best deal. In fact, it would be the greatest deal of all time. Far greater than any deal in all of history.

R - Take it easy. Didn´t you say that "EU would probably be better off with Putin in charge anyway"? You and Putin are good friends. You want NATO to be defunct and Europe to be subject to being wiped out by Putin's nuclear missile strikes and Putin to be lord and master of all Europe. Under these circumstances, what's the best deal you can do for yourself?

T - Believe me, I would not allow Europe to be wiped out by Putin’s nukes. In fact if it were up to me, Putin would never have had nukes in the first place as I understand from our spy networks Russia has been stealing nuclear secrets from the U.S. for years. Very sad, very disrespectful to our great country!

As for what Putin could give me? Well there would be a lot of possibilities! We could start with Trump Tower Moscow! That’s something I’ve always wanted!

 R - From what you have just said, it is very clear that Europe will be offered to Mr. Putin for a tower, or several towers, Trump in Moscow, isn't that right, Mr. Trump?

T -  This is fake news folks. Total fake news and the most disgraceful lie. These people are trying to say that I would sell out Europe for just a couple of towers in Moscow. These people are pathetic and they are sick!

R -  You just said that, Mr. Trump.

T - This is what happens when you take comments out of context folks! Just shameful! You hear me out of context and now all of a sudden it’s the biggest scandal since the election was stolen! Very sad! 

R -  Listen, Mr. Trump, what you said a while ago: "Besides the EU would be probably better off with Putin in charge anyway" and "as for what Putin could give me there would be a lot of posibilities, we could start with Trump Tower in Moscow" .

T - Yes I know what I said. And I meant it! But you´re trying to spin it to make me sound like some kind of traitor and it´s just wrong and it´s sick honestly. 



R - Congratulations, Mr. Donald Trump. You are being accused of paying sexual favors to a porn star. Among so many reported scandals and possible crimes, this complaint is a great help for your candidacy next year. You should pay US attorneys some peanuts for this favor of US justice. In January 2016, you stated:
"I could kill a person on Fifth Avenue and still not lose voters."
I believe this because I believe that the majority of humanity is stupid and cowardly. And that's why I think you are capable of winning next year and, joining Putin, Putin will be the emperor of Eurasia and you will be the biggest construction entrepreneur not only in Moscow but in the whole of Eurasia.

T - These allegations are completely false! Just like the Russian hoax and the Ukraine hoax! They will stop at nothing to try to keep me from being re-elected. But the people of America know what I stand for and we will win bigly in 2024!

Also, the person who made these disgusting accusations is the lowest of the low. A total Loser who got bad ratings! Just the worst!

R -  Perhaps. In any case, they don't put you in jail, even if you kill someone on Fifth Avenue. And if they did, an unbelievable hypothesis for me, you could be a candidate and win the presidential elections next year, and, without constitutional restrictions, command the presidency of the jail. Thus, the possibilities of your inauguration in January 2025 are very high. So we will have in the short term, a year from now, at most, three emperors of the world: You, Putin and Li Xijinping. Yes, Li is preparing the Chinese for war, increasing military spending by 7%, maximally training soldiers and reservists with highly developed weapons. How do you see this situation in the near future with regards to the triangle of power and greed to be first among this selected group?   

T -  Look, I will be a much better emperor than Putin or Xi Jinping. That’s a fact. I will be an emperor like the world has never seen! Even better than my friend Kim Jong Un! In fact, I will be such an incredible emperor that the people of the world will come together to make me World Emperor! Just wait, you’ll see.   

R -   I think I understand your strategy: first, you are president of the US in January 2025, then you convince your best friend Putin to join you and break the cooperation agreement that Putin and Li Xijinping recently signed. Then,  you and Putin manage the spy network that can remove Li Xijinping from power. Then you convince Putin that you are better than him, Putin is convinced and you become Emperor of the whole world. Did I get it right? 

T -  Exactly! In fact I’m so good that I might even convince Putin to step down and make me Russia’s emperor as well. This would be the greatest deal in all of history. In fact, I’ve done deals like this before and know exactly what to do to get the results I want. The world will never see a deal like it!

R -  Without a doubt, you are the beast!

T -  Yes! Just an incredible beast. The biggest and best beast that’s ever existed! A lot of people tell me I am the greatest beast of all time! They do! In fact, I can do no wrong! Just an incredible and historic beast. The likes of which the world has never seen!

R - You are the best beast! 

T -  Yes I am! There has never been a beast like me! The biggest and best beast in all of history! All the experts will tell you this!


R - Do you consider yourself predestined or a god on Earth

T - I am so much more than a god! In fact, I am everything that ever has or ever will be. You have never seen anyone who has as much of everything that I have and can do everything that I can. It’s unbelievable. In fact, it’s divine!

R - If you are re-elected President of the USA and China invades Taywan two months after you take office, what will you do?

T - Well that is something that would never happen because I would get along well with the leader of China. However if it did happen I would personally fly to Taiwan and kick their ass! I would tell the leader of China to back off and he would listen! He would listen like nobody has ever listened to me before. And if he did not listen to me then he would regret it deeply!

R - If he doesn't listen to you what do you do?

T - I would have the military go in there and destroy their entire fleet! They would be done, believe me. The Chinese would learn quickly that it was a mistake to go against me. I am not the kind of person that anyone wants to cross. In fact I would say I’m one of the most dangerous people in the world! Very dangerous!

R - Almost every country in the world, including the US, recognizes Taiwan as part of China.

T - Yes but I don’t. I know the situation in Taiwan better than the leaders of the world and I know for a fact that Taiwan is its own country. Just like Ukraine. And if China takes over Taiwan they’ll want Japan, then South Korea, then Indonesia and eventually the whole world! It is our obligation to stop these people and we will stop them with all the force we have. This will be the biggest and most important show of force since I won the 2016 election, believe me.

R - This will trigger the third world war, won't it?

T - It depends. If we let China have Taiwan without a fight then yes this will lead to world war three. On the other hand if we let China know from the get-go that their plans for world domination are over then I believe we would not need to go to war. It all comes down to whether the Chinese respect our strength or not. Do you think they respect our strength?

R - I think from the current perspective, considering the global nuclear armament, the possibility of a global nuclear war is extremely high. Are you ready to retreat if war becomes imminent?

T - No I am not ready to retreat. I am never ready to retreat. In fact, I never will retreat. There will be no retreat. We will go in and we will win. That is it. The end. No ifs ands or buts. No negotiating. We will win. This will be our biggest win ever. The likes of which the world has not seen in all of human history. This will be a victory so big that people everywhere will tell their children about this victory until the end of time.

R - In case of global nuclear war, there will be no winners or losers. Everything dies, except maybe Mr. Trump.

T - Maybe you don’t know this but I will not die until my work is done. You will never see the world without Donald J. Trump. Never ever. I’m an immortal deity. The likes of which the world has never seen before! An immortal god-emperor who knows more about everything than anyone else in all of human history. And I will win. I will always win. You know why? Because there is no one else like me in this world! I have no rival! There will never be anyone greater than me!

R - If you survive and everyone else dies, what do you do then?

T - Then I will be alone, ruling over a dead world. It will be like nothing the world has ever seen before! A world dominated by Donald J. Trump! With no one else to stop me I will rule for eternity!

R - What does that mean?

T - It means that I am the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. It means I am god, supreme ruler of all that ever has or will exist. It means that I can and will do anything and everything I want with no one to stop me.