Thursday, April 02, 2009


London Summit – Leaders’ Statement
2 April 2009

1. We, the Leaders of the Group of Twenty, met in London on 2 April 2009.
2. We face the greatest challenge to the world economy in modern times; a crisis which has deepened since we last met, which affects the lives of women, men, and children in every country, and which all countries must join together to resolve. A global crisis requires a global solution.
3. We start from the belief that prosperity is indivisible; that growth, to be sustained, has to be shared; and that our global plan for recovery must have at its heart the needs and jobs of hard-working families, not just in developed countries but in emerging markets and the poorest countries of the world too; and must reflect the interests, not just of today’s population, but of future generations too. We believe that the only sure foundation for sustainable globalisation and rising prosperity for all is an open world economy based on market principles, effective regulation, and strong global institutions.
4. We have today therefore pledged to do whatever is necessary to:
 restore confidence, growth, and jobs;
 repair the financial system to restore lending;
 strengthen financial regulation to rebuild trust;
 fund and reform our international financial institutions to overcome this crisis and prevent future ones;
 promote global trade and investment and reject protectionism, to underpin prosperity; and
 build an inclusive, green, and sustainable recovery.
By acting together to fulfil these pledges we will bring the world economy out of recession and prevent a crisis like this from recurring in the future.


A Chata said...

E a China e 'amigos' lá conseguiram o que queriam, passo a passo o 'império' Americano vai perdendo influência.

G20 leaders seal $1tn global deal
By Steve Schifferes
Economics reporter, BBC News, G20 Summit
The International Monetary Fund looks like the big winner in the G20 summit, with huge increases planned in its resources and new roles.
But what does it do, and how will its role change in the future?
But in an even more radical step, the G20 leaders appear to have agreed to increase another type of IMF funds, the quotas owned by individual countries, by an additional $250bn.
This would be done by creating more of its own currency, the SDR or special drawing right, which is a basket of currencies including the US dollar, the yen and the euro.
But the biggest changes in the IMF will come after 2011, when it has been agreed that there will be a review of the voting structure. That could lead to the US losing its veto power, while China and other emerging countries get a bigger voice.
It has already been agreed that in future, the convention that the World Bank and IMF must be headed by an American and a European respectively will be abandoned.
In return, China will be asked to lend some of its reserves to the IMF - and will continue to push for the idea that the SDR will become a real reserve currency, ultimately replacing the dollar.

A Chata said...

US jobless claims surge to new high

The number of US workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits has surged to its highest level for more than 26 years, according to a government report.
Initial claims for unemployment insurance rose to 669,000 from 657,000 the previous week, the Labour Department said on Thursday, the highest number since October 1982.
The number of unemployed workers claiming benefits for more than a week rose 161,000 to reach 5.73 million, the report said.

A record 32.2 million people, one-in-10 Americans, are now receiving food stamps, the government also said on Thursday.

A Chata said...

E mais um arguido, vitima de campanha politica segundo ele, nem aqueceu o lugar e...

Police question Lieberman in corruption investigation

By Jonathan Lis and Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies

Last update - 21:04 02/04/2009

Israel Police interrogated newly appointed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for more than seven hours on Thursday in connection to an ongoing bribery investigation.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Lieberman was questioned at the headquarters of the national fraud squad in central Israel on allegations of receiving bribes, money laundering and breach of trust.
Lieberman denies any wrongdoing and says the probe is politically motivated.

Assim vai o Mundo.

A Chata said...

"O fortelacimento de amizades, desde que não se faça para criação ou reforço de inimizades, é de aplaudir.

Quero crer que seja o caso. Que lhe parece?"

Amizades verdadeiras são, sem dúvida de aplaudir mas, nestes casos são mais 'amizades' de conveniência, de estratégia, de partilha de poder.

Vi hoje, em vários jornais, que da reunião do G20 saiu uma 'New World Order' e acho que têem razão.

Resta saber se o ditado, 'Atrás de mim virá quem de mim bom fará', se não irá provar daqui por uns tempos.