Sunday, April 19, 2009



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Mais uma para a sua colecção (se não tiver já)

This beautiful image of a "cosmic hand" reaching for the stars has been captured by a Nasa observatory. Although the pulsar itself is only 12 miles in diameter, the cloud or nebula that it produces stretches across 150 light years of space
Picture: PA

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Lembra-se de lhe dizer que estava a pensar fazer uma ´horta' na varanda?
Parece que já há mais quem pense como eu.

Why we forgot how to grow food

As a food shortage looms, people are digging for Britain — and their dinner table. John-Paul Flintoff gets back to our roots

April 19, 2009

Many people have done considerably more, as part of a grass-roots movement spreading rapidly across the nation, to grow our own food. And fast. Because for the first time in decades, Britain faces the real prospect of severe food shortages.
About 40% of the food we eat is imported. That includes an astounding 95% of our fruit and most of the wheat in our bread. This reliance on goods from abroad is perilous. During the 2000 fuel strike, Sainsbury’s chief executive wrote to the prime minister to warn that food supplies would run out “in days rather than weeks”. Supermarkets rationed bread, sugar and milk. The situation is now arguably worse: world food reserves are at historically low levels, and last year several countries stopped exporting staples because their own populations were going hungry

Agora tenho é que aprender como cultivar.

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Ai que isto chegou!

Hillary Clinton oferece um dia com o marido, Bill
por C.V.R.
A actual secretária de Estado americana perdeu as eleições, mas contraiu dívidas que precisam de ser pagas.
Se sempre sonhou em passar um dia com o ex-presidente dos Estado Unidos Bill Clinton, então chegou a sua oportunidade. E a mulher, a actual secretária de Estado daquele país, Hillary Clinton, incentiva o encontro, segundo divulgou o site da BBC.